Instrumental Private Lessons

Instrumental Private Lessons

           We offer: Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Drums, Guitar, Ukulele, Vocal (Voice)


  • Instrumental private lessons for students of all ages and levels.
  • Class Length : 30 / 45 / 60 minutes / weekly
  • 18-20 weeks per semester


Melody Institute’s private music lessons accommodate to each student as each instructor provides one-on-one classes that specifically focus on the student’s needs. We provide individual lessons in piano, violin, guitar, vocal, and more. All Melody Institute instruments are in mint condition, especially the pianos. Each instrument produces perfect-sounding pitches and tones. Our instructors are adamant about piquing the interest in music in each student and are constantly encouraging them to take on more challenging pieces as they move along.

There are 18-20 lessons per semester. Students may register for private lessons at any time. Tuition is pro-rated for students who enroll after the semester begins. Private lessons are available in 30, 45, and, 60 minutes intervals. All lessons meet once a week.  


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