Piano / Group Piano

Juliahna Park teaches lessons in classical piano, ear training as well as in music theory. She is a pianist and a composer who believes in a creative and innovative approach to learning with a dash of humor to make lessons a bit brighter when it is appropriate.  Diversity and new combinations are good in her book!


Ms. Park loves to perform for the public. Some of her amazing experience comes from The Juilliard School where she learned to not only perform as a soloist but also to sing with the choir, perform with an orchestra, and to be a part of wonderful ensembles; she also had opportunities to hear her own musical works performed in front of her wondering eyes at age sixteen.  Her most recent commissioned work was for a private group of choir and orchestra.  Ms. Park believes it was a humbling experience to witness so many people passionate their musical love with her musical message.


Juliahna thrives on students’ passion to learn and their effort to explore the musical world with her.  As long as students are open and willing to learn, to try out different ways of approaching their learning curve, and to trust that they will be able to perform, Ms. Park is more than happy to spend every second of the lesson time together making music more wonderful than students have ever thought just as her teachers have shared their passion with her.


Ms. Park’s professors and teachers from Juilliard include Mr. Canin, Mr. Kaplan, Ms. Scott, Mr. Lituchy, Mr. Fabre, and Mr. Thomas; they made her into a solid performer. She also attributes her knowledge to gifted international performers such as Ilana Vered and Marina Municek. She also thanks her chamber music coach, Jon Klibonoff from Bowdoin Music Festival, and Ms. Ichimura who opened Juliahna’s eyes to the beauty of performing for the public.


Ms. Park wholeheartedly encourages her students to spend that extra minute or two to note unique spots in a piece to better prepare oneself for the exciting experience that awaits on stage!  This little extra attention never fails to prove its strength and this is something Ms. Park explores with her students.



“When we meet up in person and get to hear about your dreams and fears about piano performance, maybe some of my music stories will help you feel encouraged and motivated.   My goal is to build you up to be the best musician you can be and still love every minute of its journey… every hour of its journey.”

- Juliahna Park