Art Portfolio Prep Course for College Applications


Are you interested in applying for foundation or degree level at art college? If so you will need a good portfolio showing your talent and hard work. Portfolio Preparation for Art School will introduce you to the methods and tools you will need to build a portfolio of work.

You will be taken through daily exercises and mini projects to inspire new ways of thinking and working. We will focus on a different area of study each day including drawing, collage, painting, 3d and graphics. You will use basic materials to produce exciting new work. There will be short tasks to complete following class that will enrich your week’s study.

You will aim to produce a body of work that can be added to your portfolio by the end of the course. In addition to this you will have learnt about how to continue a good working practice for the future and given invaluable tips for college applications.

Woud like to meet with our amazing teacher and discuss your Portfolio Plan? 

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