Pre-Registration Is Coming Soon!

Melody Institute of Music and Art would like to thank you for joining us this past semester and would love to continue to assist you and your children in your musical growth and journey!

New and returning students are encouraged to take advantage of this time and PRE-REGISTER for the upcoming semester.


Pre-registration for Summer Semester 2019 and Fall Semester 2019 will run from:


May 13th - May 19th


Why Should I Pre-Register?
Pre-registrating will allow you to save your or your child’s spot in class for the next semester should you choose to continue learning with us. Spots come on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have any scheduling preferences, pre-registration is the perfect opportunity to reserve a spot at your convenience. You will also make yourself eligible for our limited Pre-Registration Discount! Don't miss this chance!


Please call us today for more information!