Piano / Group Piano

Chloe Yeon Sil Kwon, originally from South Korea, began playing the piano at the age of five. From then her lifelong love affair with music began as she continues her studies into various styles of play even to this day. Her first love being the piano, she came to the United States to study music at the University of Texas at Arlington, where she completed her undergraduate degree in interdisciplinary studies, focusing on piano
performance and psychology. She has studied under the likes of John Solomons, Young Hyun Cho and many others.


It was during her college years that she began providing private piano lessons and found her joy of interacting with aspiring students through
music, helping them appreciate and enjoy the process of musical performance while allowing them to learn in an easy, approachable manner. Her adoration for music was further enhanced throughout the years leading to volunteer opportunities at various music therapy centers. She became inspired with how music can be utilized in the rehabilitation process of many individuals, allowing them to cope with and overcome various ailments. She has obtained a Master’s degree in Music Therapy at the prestigious Ewha Women’s University in South Korea, where she began to further explore the intricacies of assimilating musical therapy techniques with piano pedagogy.


Ms. Chloe has continued her passion for teaching through her piano instructions. She is a registered Music Together teacher and has been teaching early childhood music classes at Korean Community Center since arriving in the U.S. She is also a member of KAACAT (Korean-American Alliance for Creative Arts Therapy Professionals), and performs at various fundraising concerts and school ceremonies. She has accumulated years of experience in instructing students of all ages, whether with the piano or in group music sessions.


Ms. Kwon shares her love for music with others through her work, helping them explore their creative abilities, while establishing their own personal sense of music appreciation, all within the process of further enhancing their musical talents through the use of the piano and various other instruments.